Can you write a song?


Bay FM is looking for songwriters, singers and artists to send us a demo of your original work, and, we have a team of professional musicians to help you build your original tune into something we can release to the public later this year.

BaySongs competition is about homemade music sent to us at Bay FM, and to be lucky enough
to be selected to have your song released on a compilation CD of “BaySongs”
Send us your lyrics and song in mp3 file format to
Entry is free and is open to all ages and all generes of music.
So start writing and listen out for all the information about Bay Songs here on Bay FM.

“More than Just Great Music”


May 14 2020
Hi Folks,

This is a heads up to all entrants in the Bay FM ‘Baysongs’ promo. We’ve had some great entries so far and all should be congratulated.
This is a reminder that entries close at Midnight JUNE 30th 2020 so if you have a song in the pipeline you better start thinking about getting it into the station.
Now, a comment on the standard received so far. It’s become obvious that some folks have

[a] more musical knowledge than others
[b] have access to better equipment etc

What we’re most interested in is the song itself so we take these things into consideration, the words and the music are the most important. The subject matter can be anything you choose … religion and politics are probably best avoided but thats up to you … just remember NO PROFANITIES, it simply goes straight in the bin.
Any genre is valid … Rock. country, rap, blues, RnB, metal , whatever, its up to you and what you come up with.
On a technical note …. Be careful of using too much reverb, sometimes it can swamp the performance making it difficult to discern the lyrics.

Also we presume the entries have covered themselves in the copyright department. If you haven’t or aren’t familiar then a simple way is to put your song on CD or tape along with your lyric sheet into to an envelope, address it to yourself, post it [normal snail mail] BUT dont open it when you receive it in your letterbox …
better still is to send it registered mail, because then it has an official date stamped on it, either way is good.

Remember to send your entry in MP3 format. MP3 is simply easier to attach to emails etc and simply standardizes things our end so we can listen without having to go through the conversion process. OTHER FORMATS are put aside until we get the chance to convert them to MP3, so you would save us time because we have quite a few entries.

Of the entries received so far, some songs have been lifted from previously released albums by local artists,
so they are professionally recorded using an array of professional musicians and studio quality.

Others, most actually, are guys and gals sitting playing and singing to their phone or computer and thats absolutely fine as well [just be careful of not too much reverb]. There is no limit to the number of players and singers on your song, it all depends on what you can put together. ie if you have a friend whose a ‘better’ singer or a better guitarist/piano player than you,
then ask them to help. If one writes lyrics and another writes melody, do it.

The Bay FM team will decide and provide a means to record the chosen songs professionally at a later date once all the entries are in and we know what we’ve got.
And further down the track Bay FM may decide to release two or more albums, theres the possibility this may be an ongoing thing ie BAYSONGS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. etc but lets stick with this one for now.

Cheers for now
Good writing and good luck

The Bay FM team



All songs have to be original and not subject to copyright laws should your music be selected for release.
Owners of lyrics and music retain their copyrights.
The decision of the judges is final as to whose music is chosen for publication

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